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Meet the Owner

”Above all else, count it all joy...” - James 1:2

Joy one of the missing things I was missing in my life when I decided to start working out seriously. I was down out and completely DEPRESSED. So many thing we’re going on in my life that I was still trying to heal from, wounds that was trying to cover. I remember the day I signed up for a gym membership again trying to gain some control of my world. I then found I was losing a job, my health was declining and I was losing my mind. I knew I had to do something. 

Working out saved my life. I tell people that all the time. The gym quickly became my safe space. When I felt the world swallowing me whole, everyone could find me in the gym. Shortly after I had became a personal/group trainer and quickly was burnt out. It’s hard training people who don’t want to be trained and I lost my confidence and turned back to my previous field of study which is computers.

I came up with the name Gorgeous Gains because I wanted everyone to know how beautiful they are. Looking back I remember an old ex use to call me manly cause I found solitude in the gym and call me ugly. Gorgeous Gains just seemed to fit after that.

I just want to help people love themselves and feel beautiful, so never forget to get them gains, gorgeous. 💋